Podcast Outreach

Building your audience and promoting your products, one month at a time

Before you decide to invest in Podcast Outreach Marketing, it’s important to understand the value that it can bring to your business. When we work together, I’m focused on bringing you:

  • More traffic
  • More leads
  • More sales
  • and an Improved image

It’s a lot easier and more beneficial to focus on growing the size of your audience through outreach than to hire a sales person or invest in PPC campaigns.

I’ll focus on building your audience through Podcast Guest Appearances so you can focus on running your business.

Now, most of the clients I work with have already built very successful businesses. It’s just when they’re looking to grow their audience online, build relationships with influencers like bloggers or journalists, or increase the amount of traffic their website generates that they work with me.

Sales People Are Expensive; Podcast Outreach is Affordable

Increasing your ability to generate traffic is so much easier than hiring a full-time sales person. Investing in Digital Outreach lets you grow your brand and help your website generate more leads and sales 24/7.

And, most importantly, Podcast Outreach is the most affordable option for your business.

  • You could hire a full-time sales person, but great salespeople can cost you $100,000 or more every year. How many sales would they need to make for you to generate a return on your investment?
  • You could spend your money on Cost-per-Click advertising, but if you stop paying, the traffic stops. And as your competition enters the market, the prices will go up, and your margins will shrink. Cost-per-Click advertising is a fine solution if you need more traffic today, but it’s a risky long-term investment for your business.
  • You could do nothing, but every day you wait to start is a day you’re leaving money on the table. If your competitors are already building their brands online, do you want to fall further behind?
  • You could hire an SEO firm that guarantees ‘1st page rankings’. All you’ll get is hundreds of low quality, black-hat links and a short burst of traffic — before you get hit with a penalty and your traffic stops overnight.
  • You could do Outreach yourself, but if your business is growing, your time isn’t cheap. Sure, you could do it. But you have enough projects to focus on. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on technology and learning and read thousands of websites, courses, and books, and sifted through some very good advice and a lot of junk. How much would it be worth to save those years of sweat and tears?

Think about your business, your website, and your products.

Where is your time most valuable?

When I’m working to help you promote your business and products, you’re free to focus on the work that will bring in the most income to your business.

Maybe you’ll use that time to develop your product or map out the strategy for your business. Perhaps by working with me, you’ll have additional time to spend with your family or be able to check-in on your long-term vision for your business.

Instead of slaving away on outreach and promotion, you’ll have the time to work on the areas of your business that you find the most fulfilling, rewarding, and profitable.

But this only works if you can leave the Digital Outreach to someone you can trust. Which is why my clients love working with me.

When we work together, I’m focused on building your audience online. I build relationships with influencers and relevant communities and find opportunities to promote you and your best products and content to their audience, growing your audience, increasing your brand, and earning high-quality links back to your website.

You Need Podcast Outreach

Want to appear on podcasts as a guest and promote your product or service, market your course, or position your status as an authority?

A podcast ad runs for 60-seconds and can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. When you appear on a podcast as a guest, you have a natural, organic 30+ minutes ad spot to promote your business. Appearing on one podcast like that would cost you thousands of advertising dollars.

With the Podcast Outreach service, monthly, you’ll be booked on popular podcasts in your niche that your target market listens to. You’ll promote your product, your service, or your business to them. You’ll turn listeners into visitors and visitors into customers or subscribers.

Actual Expert Advice

Presenting Podcast Outreach, a done-for-you Digital Outreach service.

Each month, I’ll help you grow your brand and authority online. I’ll build relationships on your behalf with influencers, expose their audiences to you and your best products and content, and earn you interview and guest article placement.

Most top-tier Outreach talent is booked several months out — and they rarely take on new clients. I’m making myself available now to work with you because I want to help you make your website the best it can possibly be.

And if your investment in my services isn’t able to generate a return for you, I’ll fire myself. I don’t want you to waste your money on marketing that isn’t working.

Confession Time: I’m Not Just an Outreach Consultant

I’m also a business consultant. That means I don’t just focus on helping your website generate more traffic; I’m interested in your long-term business goals.

I want to understand how your website fits into your overall business plan, how the products on your site solve your customers’ pains, and how you’ll know if your website is a success.

Over the years, I’ve built my consulting practice on strategies that help my clients grow their businesses. When you and I work together, you’ll get access to this experience and insight, in addition to my expertise in Digital Outreach.

Who This Is For

Podcast Outreach isn’t for everyone, but you might want to apply if any of this sounds like you:

  • You’re a bootstrapper, product creator, self-funded startup, or owner of a single founder company
  • You have an established online presence or revenue generating business that you’re looking to grow
  • You’re looking to invest in strategies to grow your brand, audience, and authority online
  • You’re ready to set goals in the medium-term, not the short-term

What You Get

Podcast Outreach is a high-touch Digital Outreach service, billed monthly. Each month, I’ll implement and manage Digital Outreach campaigns on your behalf.

You’ll get:

  • Kickoff Workshop, reviewing your website, business, and brand, and identifying strategies for us to follow to grow your audience online. After the Workshop, I’ll prepare a Digital Outreach Plan for your business, highlighting the next steps for us to follow. (Think of this like a ‘business plan’ for your brand).
  • Podcast Outreach — Each month, I’ll contact relevant influencers, podcasters, and authorities in your industry, building relationships with them on your behalf, and finding opportunities to expose their audience to you and your best products and content.
  • A Monthly Report summarizing the most important points of our work together. How are our current campaigns performing? What strategies should we follow in the future? How many positive conversations are we engaged in?

I Have A Few Questions…

I’ve been burned by crap Public Relations consultants before — what makes you different?

  • First, I only work with clients who I’m certain that I’ll be able to help achieve a positive return on their investment.
  • Second, unlike other SEO or PR consultants, I’m focused on long-term, sustainable strategies. Public Relations isn’t ‘blasting’ out a press release to hundreds of faceless journalists. It’s about helping you build sustainable, long-term relationships with influencers in your industry, build your online brand, and increase your audience.
  • Third, I don’t bill by the hour which means you never have to watch the clock, pay for change requests, or risk blowing the budget.

What will you do, exactly?

Each month, I’ll research, qualify, and outreach to influencers relevant to your audience, your business, and your industry (authorities, influencers, journalists, bloggers, podcasters, community managers, etc), build relationships with them on your behalf, and find opportunities to expose their audiences to your best products and content.

Similarly, I’ll make myself available to help you with your press and outreach needs. Considering sending out a press release to announce a new feature? Need assistance coordinating an interview or speaking gig? I’ll make myself available to help.

How do you know if you can help my business?

In our initial call together, we’ll review your business and your goals so I can best understand what you’re looking to achieve. Then, depending on the outcomes you’re looking for and your timeline, we’ll decide if my services are the right fit for your business.

How do I know if my business a good fit for Podcast Outreach?

I only work with a select handful of the clients who apply. We’ll see the best results together if…

  • You’re a bootstrapper, product creator, self-funded startup, or owner of a single founder company
  • You have an established online presence or revenue generating business that you’re looking to grow
  • You’re looking to invest in strategies to grow your brand, audience, and authority online
  • You’re ready to set goals in the medium-term, not the short-term

I have a bigger project, can you help me?

Yes, absolutely. Send me an email and we can confidentially discuss your project — and the results you’re looking to achieve.

Who Are You?

My name is Kai Davis. I’m an Outreach Consultant in Oregon. I help bootstrappers, product creators, self-funded startups, and single founder companies build their audience and promote their best products and content. I connect with influencers who reach the same audience as you and find opportunities to expose you and your best products and content to their audience.

Are You Any Good At What You Do?

In the long run, my services have worked out really well for my clients. Here’s one example:

brennan-dunnI have less stuff on my plate. I never have to ‘feed’ Kai what to do, he proactively goes out and finds opportunities.

The biggest benefit of working with Kai is how he is able to help expand the reach and caliber of my content efforts.

There’s no question about what the outcomes and results Kai has helped me achieve:

  • I finally have a podcast that’s consistent with high-quality guests,
  • I’m consistently appearing as a guest on other podcasts that my audience listens to,
  • I don’t have to worry about managing the process of getting my guest articles placed on high-quality, relevant sites that my audience reads,
  • and, most importantly, I have less stuff on my plate. I never have to ‘feed’ Kai what to do, he proactively goes out and finds opportunities.

In our meetings, he’s always prepared with an agenda that’s focused and to the point.

In the monthly report he prepares, I have a clear, high-level understanding of what we’ve achieved, what we’re working on, and what future opportunities there are to tackle.

I’d recommend Kai to other business owners who have an active business and not enough time to manage their communication or outreach.

Brennan Dunn, Founder, Double Your Freelancing

and another

keith-perhacWe tripled the amount of organic traffic that was coming to our site!

With Summit Evergreen, we had a great product but didn’t have a way to get the word out there in an organic, repeatable way.

We were at a loss on how to increase our traffic and convert that traffic into purchases. Our customer base was made up of referrals, early adopters, and ad-spend — effective for short-term growth, but not long-term sustainability. Our competition had a couple years on us for SEO.

In the first 3 months working with Kai, we tripled the amount of organic traffic that was coming to our site.

Now we rank on the first page for all our major keywords, have 2 pages as the top result for highly trafficked keywords, and even rank in the top 10 for searches on for our competitors.

Best of all, conversion rates have stayed steady, which means that our 300% increase in traffic is converting into 300% more leads over the same time span. People actually talk about Summit Evergreen on podcasts and in articles that we have no connection to — showing true market growth.

Kai has been indispensable to the growth of Summit Evergreen.

Keith Perhac, Founder, Summit Evergreen

How Much Is All This?

Glad you asked! Podcast Outreach is $4,000/month. I’d like to work with you for an initial three-month engagement, in order to gauge whether we’re a good fit.

We’ll meet every two weeks to discuss our progress. Between meetings, I’ll tackle the highest priorities in terms of helping you build and manage your most valuable relationships and expose new communities and audiences to your products and content. This is much cheaper than my usual day rate, but I think this service is vitally important and I’m willing to provide a discount for it.

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Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day.

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