Outreach Marketing: Reach Your Dream Buyers

You want to grow your audience. I can help. I help coaches, product creators, writers, and online educators build their audience by directing their promotional activities to reach their target market.

"How can you help me?"

Here are a few things that I can offer you:

Books To Get More Clients

The Outreach Blueprint

Email anyone and get a response. In The Outreach Blueprint, you'll learn how to craft your outreach messages, find anyone's email address, and persistently (and politely) follow up until you get the outcome you're after.

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Podcast Outreach: The Book

Want to get on podcasts as a guest expert or an authority? In Podcast Outreach, you'll learn how to get onto podcasts that your target market listens to.

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Get Advice Right Now

One-Off Phone Call

Have a question you'd like to discuss about your digital outreach or audience building campaigns? Looking for insight on the specific problem that you're facing or idea that you're exploring? With a 1-hour phone call, you'll get my help and assistance with whatever question you're asking.

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Get Strategic Direction

Digital Outreach Plan

Looking for a custom-tailored plan on how to execute a Digital Outreach (podcast, guest article, digital or physical product review) campaign for your business? With a Digital Outreach Plan, you'll receive a detailed marketing roadmap for you to follow for your campaign: direction on your pitches, a framework for your outreach, a list of relevant influencers to contact, and custom emails.

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Blogger Product Review Outreach

Do you want bloggers writing positive reviews of your products? When your product is promoted by a blogger, you have the you opportunity to turn their readers into your customers through giveaways and other marketing. With Blogger Product Review Outreach, you'll receive a blogger outreach campaign, building relationships with bloggers on your behalf.

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Podcast Outreach

Want to reach your dream buyers by appearing on the podcasts they listen to? A podcast ad runs for 60-seconds and can cost thousands of dollars. When you appear on a podcast as a guest, you have 30+ minutes to promote your business. With the Podcast Outreach service, monthly, you'll be a guest expert on popular podcasts that your dream buyers listen to..

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Audience Outreach

Are you regularly appearing on podcasts, writing guest articles, hosting webinars, or taking point in joint-ventures to build your audience? Or do you struggle to find the time to get everything done?

My clients come to me to help them set up their promotional activities: a podcast tour, guest article placement, webinar activities, or joint-venture promotions. My clients trust that their audience building strategy is in the best of hands.

Information about Audience Outreach is available by email request only.