How can I use podcasts to get more traffic?

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Guesting on podcasts is like presenting a room full of your dream buyers.

How else could you reach an audience of 50, 500, or 5,000, people who match up with your definition of an ideal buyer?

Let’s take an example.

If you’re marketing to Ruby on Rails developers, you can go on Ruby on Rails podcasts to talk about the expensive problems you solve related to Ruby on Rails and your area of expertise. Through this, your demonstrate your value to the audience.

Likewise, for any audience that you’re marketing to, if there are active, ongoing, podcasts that reach that audience, you have an opportunity to leverage those podcasts to reach members of that audience — dream buyers who are looking for products and services like what you’re selling — and demonstrate your expertise.

When you’re a guest on a podcast, you borrow the ‘star power’ of the host. You’re being invited ‘on stage’ to speak to their audience. For the duration of the episode, you are the star of the show.

On top of that, when you’re a guest on a podcast, you add to your library of marketing assets. The podcast episode, like an article in a magazine or a white paper, becomes something that you can share with your audience, cementing your status as an expert in their mind.

Podcasting lets you develop your authority and expertise.

If you can point to interviews featuring you talking about an expensive problem in your industry or discussing your general area of expertise, you have a firm platform for positioning yourself as a go-to person on that topic in your industry.

And, most importantly, podcasting gives you considerable reach .

Let’s pick a broad market: consultants.

If you dedicated yourself wholeheartedly to locally marketing yourself to this audience, how many meet-ups, events, and seminars that reached at least 500 could you attend and speak at in 3-months? 5? 10? 20?

Now, comparatively, how many podcasts that reach at least 500 consultants could you go on as a guest in 3-months? Considerably more, I’d wager.

Podcasting gives your content marketing and promotion incredible reach. Every week, you could be presenting to a new audience of 500, 5,000, or more people, teaching them something valuable and helping them improve their business.

You can take the same set of topics and continually present to your target market again and again and again. This lets you develop a reputation as an expert, repeatedly expose a new audience to your best products and content, and present these audiences with the opportunity to become members of your audience.

Appearing as a guest on podcasts helps you build your reputation as an expert, get more traffic for your business, attract more leads, and convert more customers.

However, there are a lot of elements that go into appearing on a podcast:

  • Researching your audience, to identify the best types of podcasts to focus on
  • Crafting your unique story to appeal to your audience and demonstrate your expertise
  • Prospecting and Qualification, to identify specific podcasts to appear on — and qualify them as a good match
  • Email Outreach, to build a relationship with the host of the podcast
  • Preparing for the Interview to make sure you have your unique story dialed in for this audience
  • Crafting a ‘Sticky’ Call to Action to provide visitors with a compelling reason to visit your site and become a member of your audience

I cover these topics — and more — in The Traffic Manual, my upcoming book on how to get more traffic for your business.

Next time, I’ll answer one of the questions I get asked most often: How do I write an email to a podcast I want to appear on?

In this next article, I’ll share the email script that I’ve developed over the last year to help my friends, my colleagues, and my clients get places on that reach an audience of their dream buyers.