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Heya Clients From Hell listeners,

Thanks for listening to this episode of The Clients From Hell Podcast. It was a ton of fun talking with Bryce about my history as a freelancer — and the lessons learned along the way! Thanks for being a great audience! I hope you enjoyed the episode! 🙂

Because y’all are awesome, I want to give you something in return for the time you invested in this episode: I’ve put together three resources and guides for you as free gifts to help you grow your freelancing business and work with better clients.I think you’ll love these resources. I promise. 🙂

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  • Working With Valuable Clients — In this guide, you’ll learn the exact questions you can use to qualify clients and pitch yourself on value, not cost (15+ pages, 15-minute reading time)
  • Phone and Email Interview Scripts, including my Prospecting Email and Prospecting Phone Script, to use as you interview and qualify your prospects
  • Five Freelancing Interviews — This collection of interviews will give you additional insight into building your consulting business, pricing, and launching productized services.

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Thanks for having me as a guest! It was a ton of fun 🙂



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