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Do you want to learn how to email anyone and get a response? Or how to get on podcasts as a guest expert?

In these courses and books, you'll learn the exact, step-by-step process to follow to boost your marketing through outreach and digital public relations.

Don't take it from me -- this is what one reader wrote in to say:

When I got your initial email, my first reaction was to groan!

I got on your list indirectly (so to speak). I'm on a lot of lists so when I got this initial email about your newsletter my first reaction was to groan. I really don't need more emails from another guru.

"ok, that might be helpful. I'll look that over later."

But, when you sent an email a few days later about how to leverage podcasters/influencers to grow your platform (which was my next tactic), I thought "ok, that might be helpful. I'll look that over later."

Excellent Content, Very Substantive And Actionable

A few days later I read the email and was duly impressed. It was excellent content, very substantive and actionable. Then, a few days later came another email with more very detailed, actionable information... without all the hype we see from many.

Your information is extremely helpful. Some of the best I've seen.

I am currently processing your information and developing a detailed plan based on your advice. My plan all along was to leverage influencers to build my audience/tribe. Your information is extremely helpful in this regard. Some of the best I've seen.

I just wanted to let you know that at least one person on your list really appreciates what you have to say.

Keep up the good work. Feel free to use my comments in your promo material... it is sincere!

Do you want to learn how to email anyone and get a response? Or how to get on podcasts as a guest expert? Get started below.

Books To Help You Grow Your Business

The Independent Consulting Manual

An actionable guide to building a successful independent consulting business. Co-written with 13 authors, the Independent Consulting Manual gives you all you need to know about building a successful high-profit consulting practice that fits the life you want.

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The Outreach Blueprint

Email anyone and get a response. In The Outreach Blueprint, you'll learn how to craft your outreach messages, find anyone's email address, and persistently (and politely) follow up until you get the outcome you're after.

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Podcast Outreach: The Book

Want to get on podcasts as a guest expert or an authority? In Podcast Outreach, you'll learn how to get onto podcasts that your target market listens to.

You'll learn how to promote your product or grow your audience with this step-by-step system to land guest spots on podcasts your target customers listen to.

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Free Courses To Improve Your Digital Outreach

Free Outreach Course

Learn how to email anyone... and get a response.

With this five day email course, each day you'll learn something new.

You'll learn the secret behind writing emails that appeal to the reader and creating an outreach campaign that builds a relationship with the person you're emailing.

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